Friday, June 21, 2013

My top three favorite blogs to read and why - Blog Every Day in June #8

I mostly read blogs through Google Reader which is going to be retired on July 1st.  I am really going to miss this feature.  These three are just a few of my favorites!  

Living the Dream - Stephanie's the reason I am doing the Blog Every Day in June! She's my daughter and I love her creativity, honesty and sense of humor! 

Becky Higgins Blog - I've been a Becky Higgins fan since her beginning with Creating Keepsakes and have also done a Project Life book too.  I love her Cultivating a Good Life Quotes like this one - " Part of cultivating a good life is not multi-tasking so much.  Or ever.  I know that's hard.  I need this reminder big time."

Learn with Jenny  - Jenny hasn't blogged lately but you'll still find some really good stuff there! Like 52 Cupcakes, Project Life, and a challenge to "Be Responsible for the Energy you bring into the room". 

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