Saturday, June 8, 2013

My Piña Colada love

My daughter Stephanie has been trying to get me to like frozen yogurt for years. I don't like ice cream and up until last week was not a fan of frozen yogurt either.

Then Red Mango happened

I took her there as part of my cheer her up mission.  She is 10 hours from her boyfriend and missing him like crazy. Plus we love crazy girl time...and this night was ripe for it!

I wasn't planning on being impressed.  They gave me some sample cups. and I worked my way through the flavors

I was unimpressed and about frozen yogurted out and then I saw it

Piña Colada

And I tried it

I am now a fan of frozen yogurt.

I added some white mushy little things into my cup - mostly because it felt silly to just get some frozen yogurt in a cup.  The guy said they are Mochi.  

I am now a fan of Mochi.  

Don't ask me what they taste like - they just taste yummy. Like little flavor bites of Piña Colada or whatever frozen yogurt you put it with.

We took our frozen yogurts, played some Taylor Swift's 22 very loud and headed home.


Today we went for the third time, I got a little adventuresome and had pina colada on one side of the bowl and coconut on the other... and Mochi in-between. 

Good thing these are 30 calories per ounce....

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Stephanie said...

Told you it was a magical place...