Sunday, June 30, 2013

My One Word - Restore

I'm just finishing up hosting my summer girls group - it's this fabulous group of young ladies I've had the privilege of leading classes for since - well since they were in 3rd grade.  Most of them are either in college or heading off to college this year. They are truly a blessing to me.  We did Crazy Love during the winter and are finishing up My One Word this week.  

My One Word is a perfect follow up to Crazy Love because Crazy Love makes you really evaluate things, My One Word helps you narrow it down and begin to change.  I like that!  I love to be challenged and grow.  

My word for this year is Restore.  

Honestly, I followed the promptings in the book - to brainstorm words, to write them all out and I did that, however I didn't "feel" any of them. I was a bit discouraged and I settled in for prayer when there it was - it just popped into my head.  Now I am not one for random words to just pop in so I knew this was it.  

Unfortunately I was disappointed.  You see I am trying really hard to not make this year all about my cancer, maybe too hard.  I got to thinking about it and praying and realized there are plenty of things that can be restored.

Finances - Little Lumpy costs ALOT! 
Relationships - I can always do better here.
Health - Healing from Cancer really is a priority.
Fitness - a walk a day would be nice. 
Hair - It's not gone yet, but if I lose it, I surely would like it RESTORED.
Time - I've lost so much of it, procrastinating and thinking "I can't do that".

And more will be revealed throughout this year because, while trying to pick out a scripture, I saw how much God is in the RESTORING business.    

The book encourages you to journal, so I picked out a journal today and hopefully I'll use it.  I am not new to journaling and looking forward to getting back in the habit.  

Hopefully there will be alot to record and share this year on My One Word Journey.


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- CB said...

Love the journal. Love you.