Friday, June 7, 2013

Flash a-ah....

For as long as I can remember I have been on the cold side....HEY not emotionally....just always needing a jacket, sweatshirt or long sleeves.  So in a way, I've been waiting for this for a long time!

I don't like air blowing on me...nope, not a fan of fans.  I really don't sweat much, even when others around me are glistening with sweat droplets.  I prefer my window down to the air conditioner on in the car and if I never had to shovel snow, scrape ice or feel the wind whip around me in wintertime again that would be just fine.  No love loss between me and winter.  I have had to go to extreme measures to keep warm.  For instance one winter I wore gloves in the house. can see I have been kinda looking forward to menopause...or  peri menopause.  Just so I might warm up a bit.  One morning I woke up and thought - WOW I think I had a hot flash last night.  I shared this with my dear hubby only to have him reply "well, hon, I might be to blame for that.  I got hot last night and when I woke up this morning I realized I had thrown all the blankets on you"  NICE right?  Considering I had a nice thick winter comforter on the bed, flannel sheets and nice warm blanket between all that it's NO WONDER I was a little warm! 

I did not expect to experience it so suddenly...or for the Little Lumpy to bring it on...but it has.  Sorta.  I say sorta because according to the medications I am on...the Zoladex and Letrozole these are the big guns for stopping all this estrogen production and throwing me into menopause.  So I feel kinda bad when my friends are still hot when they shouldn't be and I am just sitting there, maybe even a bit chilly.

Now...the one place I do notice a change is at night.  At night I turn into FLASH...  But only sometimes.....I need all the blankets on...and then it hits.  It's different than just being hot.  It's like this radiant heat wells up inside... I didn't expect that.  I expected to be hot from the outside...not the inside.  I asked my hubby one night if I felt warm...he said "no".  But inside it feels like a raging fever for like three minutes... It's like a wave of intense heat that washes over you and then it's gone.  Amazing really and it leaves me to wonder why those that have gone before ever thought they could get cool enough?  I mean it's like by the time I can toss the covers off and a few layers of clothes it's gone and um yes....then I have a the heat is evaporating off my body. And the blankets go back on! I still keep checking with my hubby - but even last night I noticed he seemed pretty hot to - maybe he's having the hot flashes and I am not?  

Maybe they last longer for others?  I am just not sure, but now I know the difference between a hormonal hot flash and just being warm from the sun.  I prefer the sun. 

For some crazy reason, this song keeps running through my head - which has NOTHING to really do with all this but I might as well share it with you.  



Marilyn Robertson said...

So you really feel bad for me when I am hot and sweaty an you are not? :) You described the hot flashes very well, and yes, it is nice to have company! lol

Unknown said...

My mom would say, "I'm having my own personal summer right now!" Too funny. Hang in there Char. I am sure I am not too far behind in getting those as well. Problem is I am ALWAYS hot even without them, so this should be REAL fun when my time comes along!! Have a great weekend!!