Monday, June 10, 2013

Bring on the Rash!

Once every three weeks I head up to The University of Chicago for "treatment" - this is not to be confused with beauty treatments by no means.  LOL 

Little Lumpy is shrinking and even getting soft.  Yeah!  I am sure this has much to do with the prayers of God's people and my personal belief that God is still in the "healing business".  

Every time I go we play "100 Questions" I've never had to think so much about how I feel and how my body is functioning in my entire life!  

One thing they ask me is do I have a rash.  Um. NO Rashes are bad things right.  I mean how many of YOU want to be all like - "Yes!  I have a rash!" 

So I say, "well I have this little rash on my arm" and she says "NO, the one on your face"!   Today I discovered in the medicine world, rashes mean - ACNEYES, I have acne.  NO I am not 16.  

This excites them because apparently rashes tend to indicate a more successful outcome.  HMMM... I'd love to shout  "BRING ON THE RASH" - but that's kinda awkward, don't you think?  

So, all these weeks I've been covering the "rash". Today the Dr. says - "I've been watching your rash"....  geesh... creepy....  She measures Little Lumpy and watches my rash and I like her.  She's seriously one of my favorite Doctors. LOL

9 more weeks of Phase ONE to go - BRING ON THE RASH! 

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