Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Little Paper Tape Measure

On May 20, I reached the 12th week of my 24 week treatment plan. (which is just phase one) Time flies when you're having fun right?  LOL  This juncture was celebrated by a visit to my oncologist and my surgeon.  They both measure Little Lumpy with a paper tape measure and have happily proclaimed the shrinking of the little lumpy.  Oh YEAH!  

THEN I proceed to a blood draw, infusion, my favorite Zoladex shot,  mammogram, ultrasound and a biopsy.  WHEW - that was a VERY long day, but I like doing it all in one day instead of two.  A few days later they gather all the results and have a conference about Little Lumpy.  

I must admit I love my team at University of Chicago.  I never would have thought this place would exude such a positive feeling.  Oncology always seemed to be a dreary place in my mind. One great thing is we communicate via email.  So on Thursday I sent them an email asking a random question about sunscreen containing estrogen and if I needed to be extra careful if and when summer shows up around here.  I also asked how my results looked.  

The answer I received was "The imaging results show the tumor is shrinking".  

This CRACKS me up.  Seriously - in a go ahead and laugh with me kinda way.  

Basically - the little paper tape measure does a pretty good job!  

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