Sunday, April 7, 2013

Zoladex 101

When I had my very first treatment - you know the one where Benadryl won - I also had my first Zoladex shot.  These shots are designed to stop my body from producing estrogen.  Apparently my breast cancer loves estrogen, not sugar.  So one of the goals is to stop feeding it.  We're doing this with monthly Zoladex shots.  Early menopause here I come!

I have to say the most painful thing I went through that first treatment day was the Zoladex shot.  They give it to you in the fatty part of your stomach - I always knew there was a reason I didn't have 6-pak abs.  The shot was the very last thing the nurse did.  So, I've got my Benadryl buzz, my Tylenol and I'm ready to go - piece of cake - right?  NOPE!  

The pain of the shot really startled me!  AND it ended up hurting for at least two weeks.  

So needless to say, when it came time for shot #2, I wasn't exactly looking forward to it.  

At The University of Chicago you register in one place, check in at another place and then they call you for your vitals - then you sit again and wait for them to call you back for the real deal.  Marilyn went with me this time and so it's up, down, up down and then I'm back getting the shot.  

I had decided to make sure I was holding onto the chair this time, so if I startled it wouldn't be so obvious.. I mean come on - I'm a GROWN UP.  The nurse was chatty and nice and decided to give me the shot on the opposite side of the last one.  I told her how my first experience went and she just casually remarks "well maybe it just surprised you".  WELL YA it sure did!  

Anyway she picks her spot, cleans it up with some antiseptic and then SPRAYS the spot and bam... it's over! I felt the "normal" pinch and I looked at her and said "Is that it?"  "Yes, I'm done"  "Did you numb it?"  "Why yes dear"

That's when I began talking faster than normal.. I told her they didn't do that last time and all of a sudden she was looking straight at me and said "Oh my honey, this needle is too large to give without  the numbing spray - NEVER let anyone give you this shot without the numbing spray.  The shot puts a pellet under your skin that releases over time."

SO IF YOU are going to be getting one of these shots - pay attention and MAKE SURE they don't skimp on the numbing spray!  

I walked outta there like - MAN, took that first shot like a BOSS I did!  LOL  

The second one never hurt... Zoladex? Sure!  Please pass the numbing spray!


Marilyn Robertson said...

Loved the look of happiness when you walked out of that room! Yes, you are the BOSS and numbing spray rocks!! :)

Tab said...

Oh my gosh, I cringed reading this! Then jumped up like "you go girl"!! Hug the nurse with the numbing spray! :)