Monday, April 22, 2013

The Sweet Spirit of Prayer

I've been praying for others for a long time.  Interceding on the behalf of friends, family and strangers has been a privilege for me.  Just knowing I can do something when there seems to be nothing I can physically do is awesome.  Approaching the Creator of Heaven and Earth, the King of all Kings the Lover of my soul is an amazing thing.  One I don't take for granted.  

So, when others began earnestly lifting me up in prayer I was overwhelmed.  I still am. 

Everyday I wake up and do my best to go through my day.  I've had an amazingly easy time of this first phase of treatment.  I know it's because of prayer. 

When middle school and high school girls gathered around and pray for me. 
When our youth group worship team, and youth group pray for me.
When my church - both campuses pray for me
When my name appears on prayer lists around the country
When our Indiana District prays for me
When my co-workers pray for me
When my family prays for me
When my friends pray for me
When believers that haven't met me pray for me
When you pray for me

God hears.  Faith is increased in the giver and receiver of prayer. Miracles happen. 

Nothing can compare to the sweet spirit of prayer. 

To all those that pray.  Thank you! 

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O'Ma said...

You are the Blessing...We love you.