Thursday, April 11, 2013

An Afternoon or two at the Theatre

OK - It's time to admit I'll take an animated Disney movie, a lighthearted chick flick or a documentary over a sad movie any day. Sometimes I can be swayed. 

Right after my diagnosis John and I were thinking maybe a movie would be a good thing to do.  We thought about Safe Haven, but it looked a little sad and it was a Nicholas Sparks book first which in my book usually = sadness. So we opted out.  

A few weeks later my Sister-in-law and Mother-in-law invited me to go see a movie with them one afternoon.  Yep - Safe Haven.  I quizzed them both.  Is it sad?  "No, it's not sad" Does anyone die? "Yes, but it's okay".  Combined they had read the book 3 1/2 times.  So I'm IN!  

We met for lunch, Katie, joins us too! She was super excited to go to the movies with her mom, grandma and God Mother!  

She brought me this beautiful bouquet of flowers in a vase she made that morning!  

Popcorn and Icee in hand along with the perfect seats we are set for the show. 

We're getting drawn into the movie and there you have it....  the first wife died of cancer.  I can roll with this, it kinda makes me laugh.  I mean a few months ago I wouldn't have even noticed.  I don't want to ruin the movie for you - because it is a good movie - but in the end you find out the dying wife left something for those left behind - they do this in all the movies, but I'm not sure real life people do this.  Leaves a lot of pressure don't you think?  Anyway...My Sister-in-law cracks me up when she pats me on the knee and says sorry Char.  We both laughed through the natural tears of this part of the movie.  

SO CUT TO TODAY - I saw a short movie trailer for Admission.  It seemed kinda funny, predictable and I invited my friend Marilyn to go see it with me.  

YEP not too far into the movie here's cancer reference, this character is recovering from her double mastectomy and I look at Marilyn and just started laughing. Throughout the movie there are some pretty hilarious scenes of this women - who is played by Lily Tomlin - adjusting fake ones. Other than that I really didn't like her character at all. 

My favorite?  I'm glad you asked!  Safe Haven.

For a girl who doesn't like serious movies now I'm really in trouble. AND I guess I just never paid THAT much attention to how cancer is everywhere.  After Les Miserables and The Hobbit - BOTH excellent movies, I think I am DUE a mindless something or other don't you?

In the end I am glad that I have a sense of humor, that I don't take these things as personal assaults and that I saw both movies.  I do however wish my husband popped the show popcorn, it's so much better than what they sell there! 

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