Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Gift of Time - What to do with it?

I've been trying to blog The Journey in some sort of order - but I started a few weeks after we found the little lump and life is still busy!  So today I am going to skip up a bit and share something that's been on my mind.  

My treatment plan is a little different than most who find out they have breast cancer.  I am participating in a trial through The University of Chicago.  Now- before you get all freaky on me - all the drugs are FDA approved (if that makes you feel any better) and there are no placebos - this is REAL treatment.  If the lump doesn't respond like it should the Docs will stop the trial part and bump me into the standard treatment plan.  If I decide I don't wanna do this anymore, I just tell them and I bump into the standard treatment plan.  More on this later

Now because of this treatment plan I have been given 24 weeks (well less now) before surgery, chemo and radiation treatment. Well- I should say God's mercy and grace along with the prayers of God's people have lifted me up and I am having NO serious side affects.  I realize this could change at any given point. 

Here's what I've been pondering - Just what should I do with this time?  I'd like to ask someone that's been through it all what they would have done with that time if they had been given it.  It feels like a gift in many ways. But I don't know anyone that's been through this - well not enough to call them up and ask them. 

Hindsight is 20/20 so does anyone have any?
Even if you haven't been through this - what do you think YOU would do?

I can think of many things on my own. 

Summer's coming -  plant my flowers, clean up the yard, open the pool... 
Keep the house neat
Freeze some meals 
Keep working - I'm a travel agent, I love my job, coworkers and clients
Make sure UFT is ready to go - I'm The Ultimate Field Trip Coordinator for 3D Travel Company
Spend time with family- one of my favorite things to do anyway!
Christmas Shop - I might be in the middle of Chemo during the holiday's
Keep ministering to the wonderful people around me!
Keep loving life!
and the list goes on..... 

But really - all of this, and more, would be on my normal to do list. Sometimes this makes me think I am not appreciating this gift of time.  It's like I've been given something great, but I just don't know exactly what I should be doing with it! 

I already cut my hair!  Here's my silly photo!

I don't want to look back and wish I had done something different.

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