Friday, March 1, 2013

The Telling - Racing Facebook

 Hearing the news that I have Breast Cancer wasn't near as hard as telling people I have  breast cancer.  How to tell the people around me consumed me.  Those nearest to me heard it with just spilled out of me in a mixture of fear and strength, calm and irrational. 

My boys and daughter in-law were vacationing in Colorado, my daughter away at college.  They needed to know but I needed more information and this wasn't an emergency.  BUT I needed prayer.   I called a few people and delivered the  news.  I wasn't eloquent at all.  Mostly matter of fact and I was ready to move on in the conversation right away...they were not.

The main thing I told them was NOT to put this on Facebook.  The last thing I wanted was for anyone I knew to find out there and feel hurt or unloved by me.  Facebook and the fear of its social power drove how I shared this  news and when.  I probably would have gone at a slower pace waiting until I had more details and treatment plans if Facebook had not been such a big part of our lives.

I am not sure how others survive the telling of something like this. For me I had to plan it out in my head.  It was emotionally draining and much easier if people.found out in waves so I could have the emotional energy to share it again.  I NEVER considered "the telling" before. Many people around me have shared not so favorable news and I  never once stopped to consider how hard it really was for them to tell me or anyone else. This is definitely a lesson I will never forget!

By the time the last people had been told or I had at least done my  best to make sure they knew it was as if a heavy burden had been lifted

Now Facebook is being used to encourage me.  My Facebook friends are popping on offering me words of encouragement, funny pics and just helping me to feel normal.  After all I'm still Charlene!  

Amazing how this era of social networking has altered so much of our lives.

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