Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Knockout, Benadryl ONE - Char ZIP!

My first treatment day was a big day around here.  It was the slowest, fast month I think I've ever had.  I have to say the healthcare professionals in my local town moved very fast and each place I went moved fast, it was just the moments in between that seem suspended in time.  My first treatment day came almost one month from the morning we found the lump.

My husband took the day off work.  THIS was monumental.  It meant more to me than words can say. 

I was to begin all my treatments on one day.  For someone that can go to sleep with Tylenol or be knocked out for 12 hours with a single dose of NyQuil this is big!  I definitely needed someone with me because not only was my treatment beginning they were also going to pump me up with Tylenol and Benadryl.  Someone needed to get me home and listen to what all they were going to tell me and it clearly wasn't going to be ME!  

The infusion room has a variety of mini rooms, some with windows and doors and some with curtains - for this particular day they gave me a room with a view...  well it had a view of the nurses station, and a bed.  GOOD IDEA!  

After a few tries with the IV - my veins haven't gotten the memo yet - I was finally situated and ready for Hereceptin treatment number one.  The saline was flowing freely, the nurse had delivered and watched me swallow TWO Tylenol and TWO Benadryl - a double dose she proudly announced, and THEN the Dr. came in to chat. 

I wasn't paying much attention to what was in the IV bag anymore or what the nurses where up to.  Now that the IV was behaving I was good to go.  The one thing EVERYONE keeps asking me is how I feel and they have a LONG list of symptoms to go over - just listening to it kinda MAKES you feel like surely you are missing something - at least SOME of these things should be bothering me.  But nothing is bothering me.  Praise God for that!  

Anyway - all of a sudden while the Dr. is talking to me about this and that, I feel this WAVE come over me - my HEAD GOES NUMB from the right side to the left side and I just blurt out - "You know, I'm not feeling very good right now" and she looks at me, and looks at the IV bag and says "well, you are just getting saline so it's not the medicine" and then my husband says - Betcha that's the Benadryl!  

Immediately the Dr. is lowering the bed so I can lay back and the nurse is in there...and then they start talking to my husband!  LOL 

So on that day - I had my first dose of Herceptin, I started taking Lapatinib, Letrozole and got a special Zoladex injection BUT it was the BENADRYL that stole the show! A double dose of Benadryl and two Tylenol can knock me out for a solid 10 hours.. in case anyone needs to know! 

The rest of the treatment?  Piece of Cake! 
My second treatment - they SKIPPED the Tylenol, Benadryl Buzz! 

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O'Ma said...

I think I would prefer the "Buzz", but you do what you feel like is necessary. Glad to hear John was able to take off. Although you were present there, it seemed like he was the only one "there".
Prayers continue-WITH LOVE.