Monday, March 4, 2013

Humor - it's how we roll!

My family is unique, there's never been a doubt about.  Never has this been more evident than in the last few weeks.  I try to be on the modest side but I am finding that with cancer..breast cancer to be exact there are some things modesty or discretion just can't help with. 

Questions like these keep coming up...
How did you find it?  Ummmm...
Where is it?  My BREAST check yourself monthly? Noooo

Press me and I will tell the truth, no matter how hard I try to be discrete or modest.  Truth is my husband found it.  Yep..  I am betting he wasn't the first husband to find a lump in a wife's breast, nor will he be the last. 

I think I have probably told 10 medical professionals my husband found it.  I tried every way to word my way around it .. even starting with I found it...which would always lead to "you found it during your monthly self exam" which would lead to an awkward silence and a telling blush on my part. Once I even pointed at him like a child trying to get out of trouble! "He found it!"  I am considering allowing my husband to post on his Facebook "I found it" or possibly wearing a t-shirt with an arrow pointing to the affected area with wording that says he found it. My husband is a pastor so this seems to add to the awkwardness.  God made sex...  that can be a different post...

In the professional world this news is handled pretty matter of factually..  everywhere else its an interesting mix. 

For some we are too old for that kind of behavior..hehe
Others are like "high five" for still getting it on.

I felt painfully sorry for a nurse who thought I was merely in to get my results back from lab work she asked..So do you have any concerns?  I replied with "Well, except for the breast cancer diagnosis, I'm feeling fine."

Breast cancer immediately leads people to discuss your surgery...which is a big deal to those not so happy with what they were born with.  But me? I was happy. I was like ... Seriously?  Why not butt cancer..I could use a reconstructed bum.  Or calf calves are the size of some girls would be nice to wear dresses or shorts... There are quite a few body parts I wouldn't mind having a  chance to redo but my breasts were just not on the list. 
We have had a lot of laughs during this very serious time and I am glad for them. I love to laugh..I didn't used to.  A long time ago I really had a hard time laughing at myself. I've since learned the value of laughing at myself! Laughter relieves stress and helps everyone lighten up a bit especially when something is happening that no one could have predicted.   


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