Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Biopsy Triple Play

This week I had my third biopsy in one month's time.  The first one was to diagnose the tumor.  The second to place a marker or clip in the center of it and grab some samples for research oh and a bonus mammogram to make sure the clip was in the right place and this last one was for research purposes only. 

I must admit...they were easier than most dental work I have had done and I haven't had much...I got a crown even though I told the dentist I preferred Tiaras.  I didn't feel anything during the first one.  I was a bit tender for the second one and just one week later I had the third one so I was even more tender this week. 

I had the first one done at a women's center and when they sent me home with this..


I kinda laughed.  But it did the trick.

My next two were done at University of Chicago.   They sent me home with this..


Apparently one size fits all....NOT! That's a lot of cold in a sensitive place.  LOL

For those wondering just what they do. You undress from the waist up, they put you in an awkward gown, and you lay down.  Then they check it out with an ultrasound, sterilize the place with this very cold paint brush thing and then they begin.  There will be a pinch and the lydocaine goes in and hopefully you feel nothing after that.  They guide it to the tumor and get ready to take the samples.. the tool they use sounds like a cross between a vacuum and a dentists drill..pleasant.  lol  They tell you that after each sample you get another shot of painkiller.  A fitting reward!  Its about a 15 minute procedure. 

Awkward moment..... laying there with my shoes on!  The next time-at week 12- I hope I remember to take my shoes off!

Today I decided they deserved this....

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- CB said...

Lying there with your shoes on. Greatness.