Sunday, March 17, 2013

Awkward Gowns and Swirling Bras

And so began the Dr. Visits.  Once I got back from Missouri my calendar filled with appointments.  I have now officially been to more Dr. appointments in one month than I have in the last 5 or more years.  BLECK

 I also traveled with a posse.  I am a very blessed gal.  

One thing that became extremely evident to me was the awkward gown situation.  I basically gowned up everywhere I went "Undress from the waist up" became as common as "Hello".  If I were as adept at taking my own picture as the younger generation is I'd have plenty to show you... but let's just say the gown makers haven't really gotten it right yet.  MEN must still be designing these things.

I wore Triangular shaped things which forced me to sit with my arms glued to my sides.

Flowered moo moo's with more ties than a girl could think to do with, but still left awkward breezy areas.

Extra large paper U-shaped things that caused extremely loud paper rustling when trying to sit confidently on a table draped in PAPER.

 And then the ones with THREE arm holes....  Figure that one out!

But nothing compares to the laughter from my Posse.  I mean, there I am blessed with people that love me, are extremely concerned for me and that I want with me during one of the most serious parts of my life and all we can do is LAUGH.

I've already indicated that I am a modest gal.  So I want my clothes folded neatly and by no means do I want my BRA showing when the Dr. comes in.  I want it tucked under my shirt in a neat little pile.

NOPE!  Not with my Posse in the room!   They tried to help me - but in the end found it more fun to "mess with me" than to accommodate my simple request.  I know they were under a lot of stress, and laughter and silliness definitely releases that.. but seriously did they have to swirl it around over their heads????

I had visions of the Dr. walking in at just that moment... and locking us all up in a "special room"! I'm not sure how many families have so much fun during this moment in time but we did.

I guess we're just "special"  LOL 

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