Thursday, February 28, 2013

What a Difference 24 Hours Can Make

24 hours  1,440 minutes  86,400 seconds  

24 hour increments come and go everyday..over and over again.  Predictable enough that we don't really stop to think about it.  Well we do ....we schedule stuff.  Work, school, hair appointments, vacations, meetings, practices, and anything else we can manage to squeeze in.  Prayer, family time, date nights, yard work. 

And then one day...  something happens and 24 hours later you are completely changed.  Maybe you planned that too.  You got married.  You scheduled your c-section.  You dyed your hair.  You got a tattoo.

OR maybe you didn't.

Maybe you just woke up and had no idea change was coming. I have had that experience multiple times. 

One day I woke up and found out I was going to a foster home.  I packed a brown grocery bag of whatever my "treasures" were and left with a stranger.

One day I was driving and got hit by a train. NO JOKE!

One day I had an accident at work and cut part of my finger off. FOR REAL!

One day I went into labor and became a Mom for the first time. A VERY HAPPY DAY!

One day God answered my biggest prayer. "Lord, if this is of you, show me".

One morning there was a lump and 24 hours later it was breast cancer.

24 hours can make a huge difference in your life. Most of the time for good!

This is the beginning of my Journey -  Breast Cancer 24/7 
I decided to blog a bit about this because during those first 24 hours and the weeks since I haven't found very many truly 'real' and positive places.  I'm hoping that this might eventually be a place for others to find out some real life info, some laughs and a good dose of positivity. I also think writing some of this down will be good for me.  Nope, I don't know the outcome of all this - only God does, Nope I can't promise every post will be 100% positive but I can promise real and an effort to see God's hand in all of this. 


Jessica said...


Charlene said...

Thanks Jessica! I love you too!

- CB said...

I want to hear the train story.

Charlene said...

CB - No idea you didn't know the train story!

Cindy said...

Love ya! Praying for you even from far away!

Marilyn Robertson said...

Yes, 24 hours can make such a big difference in our lives! Love ya Char, and you know prayers are going up! Hey, when are you getting that tattoo?

O'Ma said...

This is wonderful that you are sharing your experiences. This could be considered a type of Godly Therapy for yourself and others. With a bit of dose of humor mixed in will help others to be positive with their own challenges and accept that Jesus is in control...and all things are possible. I feel very Blessed that you are our daughter...GOD BLESS YOU. Waiting for the next chapters of your life with love and prayers. And...have a Happy Anniversary today.