Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Project Life - Lessons Learned

On New Years Day 2011 I put the finishing touches on my Project Life 2010 book. When I ordered the kit I had no idea if I'd even finish it - come on now, we all have unfinished scrapbook projects laying around - don't judge!  I also had no idea how many lessons it would teach me!

When I look through the book I can SEE how blessed I am.  I mean we all know we are blessed.  Just living in the U.S. of A. makes us blessed but when I flip through this book I can actually see photos of the blessings, I can SEE God's hand at work in our lives. 

Even though 2010 wasn't the best year we've had  it was still one fantastic year for us and the book documents that.  All the trips, family, friends, and things we did. 

I see how resilient we are and how we don't stay down for too long when things try to knock us down.  When we closed our family business this year it took me nearly 3 months before I could actually journal that week, but during that time we were still living life out loud!  

I also overcame my urge to make this book perfect.  Early on I changed the style - skipped labeling the pictures with the day,quit the arrows,  stopped pressuring myself to put a picture in every day and in the end it turned out wonderful.  There's not a page I don't love even the one with only 3 pictures, some journaling and filler cards.  It's my life and it's NOT perfect!  

I've always known it's the little things that make this place a home and this is my first book that has ever documented things like what my desk looks like, how I decorate the mantel for the seasons, the messy kitchen, a new purse or towel I love.  

I am super proud of this book and I debated long and hard if i should do one for 2011.  Will I be able to keep it up two years in a row?  Will I find new things to photography?  Will I get bored with it?  

Today I ordered my 2011 Project Life Kit.  I decided I can keep it up, I will find new things and some of the same things to photograph and HOW can I get bored with my life?  It's Fabulous! 

Here's to a New Project Life Year!  


Bonnie said...

I love Project Life! Mine isn't 100% complete but neither am I so it's all good! I just got my new one today in the mail and can't wait to get started. Cheers to 2011!

Steve Finnell said...

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O'Ma said...

Good Pic of Stephanie and John...there is no doubt that they were having a blast.