Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Stress -YIKES!

You know, I’m trying to stay calm, trying to relax and enjoy the moment and be in it, but then it sneaks up on me, it grips my chest and sucks the breath out of me. 

Christmas Eve is 2 weeks from today. My presents aren't completely bought - despite two days of shopping this week.  My cards aren't written.  My tree isn't decorated. I haven't fulfilled my duty to turn in a Christmas article.  The cookies aren't baked.  The presents I do have aren't wrapped.  AND worst of all the presents I need to mail aren't ready.  

What was I thinking?  I mean it comes EVERY year.  Normally I am ahead of this.  Normally I am about done by this time.  

I'm thinking I should have gone away for the month..............  Left gift cards in envelopes for everyone and had a big party in January when I got back.........  that's what I'm thinking............. LOL

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