Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Traditions

Our family has many different Thanksgiving Traditions - there's turkey, and stuffing, and sweet potatoes and pumpkin bread and over the years we've added ham and macaroni and cheese and who knows what other carbohydrates we might add next.It's really just a carbohydrate fest.... 

 This is the buffet table we set up - I could say my table is kinda small, but the truth is we only had 6 eating and enough food to feed -- well let's just say there was food enough for your family as well!  During dinner we had some conversation starter cards and John passed them out.  We talked about where we'd like to go on our next vacation, what our favorite breakfast food was, if we could have any job for one month and the skills to perform it what would it be and quite a few others. 

We usually play games and this year Stephanie begged Paul to bring Call of Duty - Black Ops (real Thanksgiving like! LOL) 

 We also played Bop-It!  

One thing we've started doing is ending Thanksgiving Eve with a Christmas movie - the end of Thanksgiving marks the beginning of Christmas - at least around here, it's the official kick-off for Christmas music as well.

Tonight after all the leftovers were clean up, cleared out and chilling in the fridge we settled in for the first movie of the year.

Stephanie got to pick the Official First Movie of the Season and I could hear her anxiously unwrapping a new movie ---- well it's wasn't exactly new, David bought it for me for Christmas last year........ but I'm not exactly a big Will Ferrell fan so I never watched it before New Years Day - which is the official last day we watch Christmas movies here. 

But I am a GOOD SPORT and my kids do know me pretty well by now and so I settled onto the couch in pj's and wrapped in a nice fleece blanket.

I can honestly say I did not expect to love ELF as much as I did! My absolute favorite part was when Buddy put the Star on the top of the tree...... we had to pause the movie I laughed so hard and I now understand why a few years back Stephanie randomly popped a cotton ball into her mouth only to realize this isn't such a good idea with BRACES.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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