Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

Normally on this day John and I set out with master lists in hand to conquer this years Christmas shopping.  Usually we come home nearly done.  Mostly because I have been thinking and planning it for weeks.  This year however is completely different.  It's the end of Black Friday and all I've purchased is a ticket to Tangled.  Yep you read that right.  There is not ONE Christmas present in the house, not one idea down on paper and no plans to go out tomorrow.

I wonder what this means?  I um.... didn't even have him get up in the attic today, and I uh.... don't really see him doing it tomorrow either.  The house cleaned up very nicely after Thanksgiving dinner yesterday and I'm not wanting to see boxes of Christmas stuff stacked up all over it - yet.  

We had a wonderful time watching Tangled - Disney's 50th Animated Film.  You can read my personal review and check out a wonderful video of clips from all 50 films over at Agent on the Loose.  

Now, I think I feel like watching another Christmas movie tonight..........  I wonder what Stephanie will pick?

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