Friday, August 27, 2010

End of Summer Review

I decided to do a little end of summer review - check on my blog and read through the list I made for myself at the beginning of the year.

Read for pleasure again - I can honestly say I am not doing bad on this one. The year started out strong and I've managed to do more reading for pleasure this year than I have in the last 3 or more years combined so yeah for me!

My body has not been tweaked yet - thumbs down on that one!

Those date nights are still negotiable but the years not over yet - something to keep working on!

Be more productive when I work - I can say yes to this - I'm doing better this year with FOCUS and using my work time wisely - I also quit Farming...........

Spend time being creative without guilt! - Been scrapbooking regularly and even went to a card making class...... set up a new scrapbooking room and feel pretty good about the whole thing! NO GUILT!! YEAH! Now blogging is another story!

Family and Friends - I always try to keep things in perspective and put my family and friends over things but responsibilities sometimes get in the way ....... I'm doing pretty good, but room for improvement for sure!

Deep Yet With Jesus - Can you ever get close enough - I don't think so, I just want to keep getting closer every day!

So that's my End of Summer Review!

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