Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Things have been - well emotional around here. I find it super hard to blog when I'm not feeling "up" and so I just don't. I probably should though because life is all about the ups and downs.

We had to close our business down - after 5 years we just couldn't hang on any longer. My husband grew up in the business, his parents owned it and he's worked there all of his life. So it's been a big change for us. We've been working hard to keep a positive attitude all these years and believe things were going to turn around so realizing that it's over was a relief in many ways but still hard to comprehend.

God has blessed us every single step of the way. The last Friday in Feb was the last day the doors were open for business and on the next Monday John walked into his new job. Insurance, even dental - something we haven't had in years and overtime pay.

Yes we are blessed. You know what? I wanted to move. Yep I just wanted to move away from the cold and the snow and the grey, but I didn't get to. Bratty I know. I really wasn't thinking about all the wonderful friends and family and youth group I have right here that I would miss more than I could ever imagine.

I was just wanting to get ahead of God a bit. We believe that God has a great plan for us, but always knew that running a family business would make it nearly impossible to pursue that path. A door closed, but I wanted a different one to open.

Today we celebrated 26 years of marriage. I've learned a lot about being married over the years and I still have a lot to learn. I'm glad I married my best friend because I wouldn't want to go through all this with just any one! We shared a quick sandwich before heading to church. No fanfare today - flowers and cards - and a deep knowledge that we love each other dearly.

Priceless if you ask me!


kimberdee said...

I have witnessed the love that you & John is truly special! I can't wait to see you in June!

O'Ma said...

Like you...I don't know what people do without the love of Jesus and a good man. Besides GOD, one thing you can always count on is change...and this experience and witnessing has made you stronger, just like HE said it would. Love you guys...
Love Mom