Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Project Life Revisions!

As I was putting my pages together for the Project Life book last Saturday morning I realized I am going to have to speed up this process. January is usually my slowest month of the year and by looking ahead at Feb. and March I'm not going to have hours each week to devote to this. In order for me to keep this book up for a whole year I am going to have to spend less time fussing over the layouts, which is eating up quite a bit of time. I've been giving myself some leeway - I mean we just started! But now it's time to tweak this a bit. So I decided I needed to change a few things - first of all I separated the journaling cards and filler cards by color and rearranged the box like this - it's a tight fit right now, but as I work on it there will be more room. Now I don't have to go through those tiny boxes looking for what I want. I also decided to hand write everything - and to use the day stickers on the outside of the pages. I like the color ones best and will use the same color as the Month card at the top. I need to keep this simple or I just won't be able to keep it us. Am I a fan of my handwriting? NO

I love it when I see something that has been written by people that have passed away that are dear to me, so I believe my family will one day feel the same. Hopefully they'll all be able to read cursive.....a skill I am realizing is quickly fading from our texting generation!

I also learned something about myself - I'm not so random! LOL So I decided to do my next layouts using the matching colors. I also went ahead and put the journaling cards I anticipate using in the book and worked on making them flow a bit better. I know that I can change them up if I want to, but now I feel like I have a framework from which to build.

some of you are thinking DUH - but possibly some of you might be struggling with how is this really going to work for me all year - so I thought I'd just share my simple idea. Time will tell if it is going to work!
Here's my latest week - I am proud to say I am up to date and surely hoping with this system it's more of a "slide in, journal and go experience" than an "oh my now I have to be creative experience" which I love but don't always have the time for!
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Misty said...

Hi! I'm stopping by from the Mom Creative. Thanks for the tips! I too am having trouble with using my journaling cards randomly. I separated them by color, and put them in the box like you, but didn't use the folding cards to separate the colors. Great idea!

Secret Agent Man said...

I like the way you organized the project. I always enjoy looking at your book to see what has been happening.

Saawan said...

Love seeing finished pages, yours are beautiful! Can't wait to get my kit and put it together.

Beth Olson said...

Thanks for sharing your organization strategies -- it's nice to see how others are working with the kit. The day my kit came I divided the cards out by "style" and picked them up one by one so they are in a pattern, but look random to anyone looking at my album. Now they are in a tin on my end table and I can add them as I need to. I think that might have to be a POTD one of these days!

Kelli said...

I love it :) What a great job! Looking forward to keeping up with your blog :)