Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Beauty and The Geek Ball

Who ever came up with the Beauty and the Geek Ball was truly inspired! I love that name! This dance was sponsored by a local church. All the girls had their hair done for FREE at a really nice Salon and the boys presented the girls with carnations. They all looked beautiful! Even the boys were handsome - not Geeky!

I loved the antiques in this place and especially all the mirrors - Her hair turnout out fabulous!

These two have been friends since before they could tie shoes! They have made so many memories over the years and I have a feeling they'll be making memories for many more!

The photo shoot included tons of pictures and I must admit most of them turned out great, it's just well - she looks so grown-up and beautiful I can't bear to post them all!


David is going to be heading out on his Big Adventure and Stephanie is going to miss him very much. (we all will) Every picture I take seems more precious than the last one! Steph hasn't been to a dance without her brother - until this one!

Move over Taylor Swift!

While Stephanie
was getting her hair done the owner of the shop handed her a package and she unwrapped it to find a beautiful rose - her Dad dropped it off for her on his way out of town. He couldn't be here to see her, but wanted her to know how special she truly is........

She asked me - "has Daddy always been like this, even when you were dating?" and I said......

YES - always.


kimberdee said...

This is the sweetest blog I have ever read. =)

Homeschool Housewife said...

That is so sweet! She is beautiful! I love that the salon does their hair for free! How great of them! And wouldn't you know I would go there all the time for a place that would do that. Hope she had a fabulous time.


O'Ma said...

That was a nice sweet story....I would have liked to hear the guys dressing GEEKDOM...if that is a word. Our little girl is growing up.