Tuesday, January 19, 2010

This stuff can tear you up!

I bought this really healthy good for you full of fiber and goodness cereal because well I'm trying! I paid like 4 bucks for this. Measured out 3/4 a cup and had a yummy healthy snack.

Something called Toasted Berry Crumble OUGHT to be bad for you - kinda like coffee cake goodness.


But It tore my insides up something awful..........

however the morning shines brightly ........

Good morning – I have 35 Flex Points to spend! I made it through my first week of Weight Watchers even though I thought the filling foods were going to KILL me. Especially that Kashi cereal ……….but I have Survived! (cue the music)

I did 14 meals or snacks that included filling foods this week. I journaled everything – and went back and did the points. It was UGLY – soo soo ugly. But explains why I have been gaining weight…….and to think I cut back last week on the junk food…….my precious junk food…….

I was full most of the time HOWEVER I was STILL wanting my junk food – that’s just WRONG don’t you think?


kimberdee said...

Say YES to the Baked Cheetos!!!!

Say NO to the Kashi cereal!!!

Just kidding....you are doing great!

You always succeed when you set your mind to something. Now if only we were kindred in that area too. =)

O'Ma said...

This is a good time to mention the previous emails from Pat and her diet experience...LOL