Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Project Life Arrives!

My Project Life Kit Finally arrived! I was pretty excited to get it but bothered because I couldn't drop everything and play with it. I finally got to play with it for real on Friday! I printed the first two weeks of photos and then I just stared at it.

I have never scrapbooked like this before EVER. I had all these coordinating pieces and no plan. I searched the box, through each piece and nope - not as much as a layout idea. Good thing I had peeked at some websites. I did a little "self-talking" - ok, just do the title page, nothing is permanent - you can change it later, and I began.

I didn't get the MEMO that the pictures needed to be horizontal until after I had taken a few days worth - apparently the majority of people take horizontal pics, I am not in the majority (once again) I tend to take verticals.......no idea why. So that proved to be a little bit of a layout nightmare - thankfully my Creative Memories software allows me to print different sizes easily and so I printed the pics so they would fit in the smaller pockets. I like the way it turned out so no more fussing, it leaves more room for journaling and you can slide in a few extra pics of events that way if you can't narrow it down to just ONE.

I am super duper excited and happy to have the first two weeks of January in and I made it simple it starts JANUARY 1, 2010. The book is much larger than I anticipated! I love the colors and how it looks!! I haven't journaled yet but here are the pictures! I'm looking forward to adding the journaling tonight - and then deciding just WHAT to do with the stickers and all that jazz........ the fun of it all!

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kimberdee said...

If only I had someone to teach me how to scrapbook!! =)

This is awesome and was made for creative people like you or even the not so creative like me.

Secret Agent Man said...

It was a lot of fun looking at the pages with you, can't wait to see what this week will look like.

Beth Olson said...

I love your layouts, especially how you used the foldable journalling cards in the 4X6 spots! Well done!

tinkster said...

I'm jealous, I'm still waiting on mine!

Looks great by the way

Jessica Turner said...

great job!