Friday, January 29, 2010

Mysterious Lady Bug

So, I live in Northwest Indiana - right now it's 19 degrees outside maybe less and certainly less if you factor in the windchill or feels like temps. Basically it's COLD.

Last week it was 46 degrees for like a minute.

THEN here comes the Lady Bug. We have this mysterious thing about our house. We always seem to have a lady bug around. I have no idea why. In Autumn it's like they move in.

I never kill a Lady Bug. I kinda like them. Suppose they know that? HA

Normally I find them dead in the window - sad, but true. So I haven't seen one until this week - I want to ask her - what happened? Did you get messed up because it warmed up? Surely you haven't been flying around the house since Autumn have you?

Any ideas out there????

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kimberdee said...

Did you know they bite? At least I heard they do. I have never had one land on me and bite me though. It is a smart lady bug for sure! I think you should let it move in until it warms up outside. =)