Thursday, January 7, 2010


I was putting something away in the pantry - which happens to be a closet in the hallway across from the kitchen and the crackers fell out AGAIN.

We have too many crackers. Who has too many crackers?

Trader Joe's Multigrain
Social Crackers too - I suppose if you don't feel like being social you can't eat them. We have three packs of these, apparently I wasn't social enough over the holidays.

We also have extra cracker boxes downstairs - from Sam's Club or Costco, can't remember which. Wouldn't want to run out of CRACKERS.

By the way here's a picture of my cleaned pantry - it probably has too many crackers in it if you look closely. I think I still have some of those noodles too........ obviously January is a pantry month.


When we have too much bread I make french toast, or grilled cheeses or something like that, but crackers?

By the way my Project Life is still not anywhere in sight - I can't say I'm too impressed with Fed Ex, I think if it was coming UPS it would be here already.

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O'Ma said...

Birds love crackers...and I am sure they have been hungry with all the bad weather in IN.