Sunday, December 20, 2009


I've been doing some year end reflecting - imagine that!

I've been looking at this blog - I really like blogging, but you just can't tell! I noticed the side bar - Things I'd like to fill 2009 with - so I felt like I owed the few readers of this blog ( mainly myself, Marilyn and my mom) an update on how I did.

Reaching my goal weight and maintaining it AGAIN Wasn't even on the radar this year - at least not the last half. Still on the 2010 list, with slightly renewed passion.

REGULAR 3D Travel hours so I know when I'm working and when I'm not - I did better with this, still fine tuning! I'm thinking regular hours might not happen until I am no longer homeschooling.

Purposeful downtime with NO REGRETS I probably still need more downtime, but I did have more purposeful downtime with NO REGRETS so I did good here.

Knowing "What's for dinner" with less fuss This one comes and goes, as soon as I get on a good roll, then I fall off the eating at home wagon. There's room for improvement in 2010.

More intimacy with God I think this is an area I can always increase in, I feel like I've done good though and will continue in 2010.

Blogging without guilt! Pretty much flunked this - well when I blog I don't feel guilty, I just didn't do it as much as I want to!

Scrapbooking I did scrapbook more this year, but David is like 14 or so in his book and Stephanie doesn't even have one soooooo yep I still need to keep this on the list.

Family & Friends Maybe I'm being hard on myself here, but I always feel like there's family and friends I don't do enough with - either see, call or write - whatever it is I always feel like I'm in the negative on this one.

For some reflecting is painful - for me it equals growth! So I'll be thinking about what I want to aim for in 2010.

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