Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday already?

Well there you have it - a wonderful thing! Provides HOT water in all the right places - NOT on the floor, under the wall and into the family room like the OLD one. Grateful? YES Wishing it didn't cost so much? YES BLESSED that it didn't cost more? OF COURSE - we have a wonderful friend that gave of his time to install it.

Ever have one of those weeks? Well I spent some time putting these candy cards together for the kids going on the retreat with us this weekend. Even thought to take a pic for YOU GUYS. YES I had the camera turned the correct way. YES I loaded into blogger the right way. YES I did it multiple times. NO I'm not worried people will think I'm nuts.

So we are taking off with 26 kids to the frozen tundra of some place NORTH of Greenbay - Packer territory for Bears fans. The retreat is appropriately named FreezeOut because it's always freezing up there. NO I didn't want to go the first time. YES I have signed up willingly every time since. NO I still won't get on the horses after my horrific experience in the Rocky's. YES I love the kids and can't wait to get on the bus!

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mom said...

So how did your Freeze Out go? Seems it was actually milder for a change...

I love your candy cards :-)

Tammy ~@~