Saturday, January 10, 2009

Shine Don't Whine

I've been working my way through Genesis and I'm reading about Joseph - he has an awesome write up in the Bible. It kinda starts in Chapter 37 and runs through 50, with a little detour in chapter 38 about a "pretend" harlot - who said the Bible wasn't interesting -- anyway I like his story.

He started out one of the youngest brothers. The older ones didn't quite like him because he was favored by his father. Basically they put him in a pit and then felt a little guilty about it and decided selling him to slavery was better. I'm not sure how that felt better to them or how they figured it wouldn't affect them their whole lives but it did. They later end up really regretting this, but I don't want to ruin it for you if you haven't read it yet!

Joseph's life is filled with a lot of crazy ups and downs and I love that he just makes due with what he has. He makes the best out of every rotten situation - in slavery he ends up running the palace, when he ends up in jail, he ends up running the jail, once he gets out of their he ends up 2nd in command of Egypt - this is way cool! There's not one place where he's like DANG what's going on here,I'm doing the best I can....he's just trucking along doing what he can with the situation at hand.

I try to Shine not whine - I think Joseph did too. I mean when the bad stuff comes even mildly bad stuff we can take the negative side - sure we can whine and complain and waaaaa it's not fair our way through the day - find people to agree with us- there will be plenty- but in the end I just don't feel better for it, in fact I feel worse.

One place I just don't shine too much is in the cold wintry months. I whine my way through the entire winter - seriously! I love summer - the sunshine and I really don't ever get too hot! So winter just seems especially drastic to me! I'm gonna work really hard to stop whining about something I'm going to have to do the rest of my life and start shining --- I'm not too sure how this is actually gonna play out, I'm sure my closest friends will now use this post to "encourage" me the next time they hear me whining not shining through the ice, below zero wind chill, snow and more snow, did I say wind chill....and ice.....OK OK SHINE don't whine!

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