Wednesday, January 7, 2009


NOT ME Silly!

Monday night our black lab decided at 6:30 pm to go to the park. She didn't tell anyone and she didn't take a cell phone! Imagine the nerve of that dog!

Out we go with flashlights and large booming voices. I got into the car - I mean it was cold and dark outside.

I found her in the park - again - this is the second time in about a month's time.

She was running around sniffing everything - normal doggy stuff. The thing is when I called her she didn't come and she ran off in the other direction - last time it was daylight and she didn't recognize me for quite sometime. She's going to be 13 in March and except for the graying she doesn't look it - she runs and plays and is quite slim for an aging Black Lab.

Well anyway by the time I got back to the house she was in the front yard like "Hey it's cold out here, let me in" I had a long talk with her about taking her cell phone with her the next time she wants to go to the park. It's just not safe to be out in the dark alone.

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kimberdee said...

You mean she is not grounded?!?!? I too have an aging dog. Do you think they are pretending to not know who we are or that we are calling them? They sure do act a lot like a teenager! hmmmm....