Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Is this Cheating?

25 Random Things about me (Published on my Facebook today also)

Supposedly if you read this you have to do it ---- consider yourself tagged, if you want to be!

1. I really don't like doing this, but got tagged by so many people I felt like I had to write one because I read so many.

2. I wish I had like 10 more kids....My kids are glad John is their Dad because otherwise I would have dressed them alike, moved to the farm and turned them into weirdos -- in THEIR opinion!

3. I love to homeschool.

4. I love to organize anything, a drawer, my pantry, my day, an event.

5. I would pack up and leave NWI for the entire winter- the only thing that keeps me here is that I am madly in love with my husband and couldn't leave him for more than a week, or two.

6. I could eat pizza for every meal, oh and garlic bread. YUM

7. I'm a melancholy surviving in a house full of sanguines.

8. I work for 3D Travel Company and can book lots of different cruises, Sandals packages, and my favorite Disney! Disney World, Disneyland, Adventures by Disney - Disney Cruises, and did you know there are two Disney Resorts NOT in Florida!

9. I broke a tooth eating a lean pocket - not even worth it!

10. I love to camp.

11. I love to take pictures and scrapbook!

12. I sell Creative Memories too........

13. I can walk for hours and not get tired.

14. I'd rather sleep in than get up early.

15. I got hit by a South Shore train and lived to tell you - here on this 25 Random Things note!

16. I went to 7 different schools in 5 years.

17. I spent 8 years using an alias and didn't even know it.

18. Someone hired a private detective to find me. Imagine MY surprise.

19. I had an amazing experience with God and it changed my life FOREVER.

20. I love HOT summers!

21. I don't ever need to eat ice cream again.

22. I love deep meaningful conversation. John does NOT. LOL

23. Music has always been in the background of my life and nothing ushers me into God's presence quicker.

24. I wish life could be like a musical, we just all sing and appear in peoples lives randomly! How fun would that be, if you all showed up here singing right now!

25. I'd like to be bolder, to achieve greatness and rock the world!


Emily said...

I did the SAME thing. i blogged it and FAcebooked it.

Secret Agent Man said...

Not even homemade cinnamon or maybe apple pie?