Friday, January 2, 2009

Flowers in the Attic

Not really but they sure would be prettier than this!

Today we put the Christmas stuff away - the only place for it is the attic!

I am typically a very organized person, a place for everything and everything in it's place. I will not buy something I truly like simply because I have no idea where to store it if I can't leave it up year round. So the attic is my "dark side".

Once upon a time a very busy young Mom ran out of room in her "old shoe". She ran out of time taking care of the children in the shoe but wanted to save bits and pieces of their lives to put in some orderly fashion when she "had more time". The problem was she couldn't stand clutter and when the small basement storage area became overridden with necessaries like the vacuum cleaner, seasonal decorations, scrap booking supplies, etc. she began to ponder the square foot above her and so alleviated her painful existence of too much stuff to save. Heave, ho it went up through the tiny hole in the linen closet ceiling! Not only was it safe and sound for a day with less to do, it was added insulation from the long winters chill. And so Christmas was very soon delegated to it's 11 month existence up in the attic, along with children's rockers, stuffed animals hearts could not permanently part with, toys, papers of all sorts and who knows what other miscellaneous items for a day with "less to do" That day with "less to do" has still not arrived and the dark side grows deeper and harder to tame. But alas time is on my side for one day I'll climb up there and box by box go through all those treasures shipping them off to my grown children with gleeeeeee.......or maybe even finally tossing them free to the Thrifty store near by.........

The End

what's YOUR Attic look like????????????


kimberdee said...

I loved this post! It made laugh. I do not have an attic in the house I live in now but I remember what it looked like when I was growing up in Florida and we had one. I have a shed/building to hold of all my junk now. There are spiders in there though so until they die I will not go in there.

Marilyn R said...

I don't have an attic either, but I do have a basement...need I say more?