Saturday, January 17, 2009

Excitement Abounds

Today we are celebrating Paul and Lindsey's Bridal Shower! I am a bit nervous-happy nervous! We did as much as we could yesterday so today could be more relaxed, yet I still woke with that anxious stomach. Does that ever go away?

I am so happy for them and have watched them grow up separately and now together. It is beautiful to behold what God puts together.

Here are a few pics of the table decorations. I couldn't have done it without Marilyn's help. She traipsed around with me last weekend in the cold, slush and falling snow until we were satisfied!

Lindsey has chosen chocolate brown and champaign as the colors for her wedding with a hint of green. I am really looking forward to lighting all the candles this afternoon!

This is the wedding party's table and I will never forget the smile on Lindsey's face when I told her after the shower she could take it home.

I know that so many of my friends and relatives don't live close enough to be here and share this special day with us - but we know how much you love us all and wish in your hearts to be here! We love you too!

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kimberdee said...

Congratulations Paul & Lindsey!!

The decorations look beautiful!

Have a wonderful shower!