Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wii Fit Family Fun

Wii Fit - the fun and exciting way to get fit!

My son David brought home a belated birthday gift for me and I must say we have all been enjoying it. Naturally it has brought out the uh - shall we say competitive side of our family.

NO we are not interested in getting fit really - we just want to keep our names as #1 in the categories!

Well it's MY GAME and their names are all OVER THE PLACE! I don't even get to rank in some of the activities!

Imagine my excitement last night when I finally decided to try the Strength part - the one I'd been avoiding like the stomach flu. And it ranked me numero UNO BODYBUILDER! Take THAT BOYS I shouted outloud- to no one other than myself! I wish I could have seen their faces when sometime between midnight and 3 a.m. they discovered their MOM ranked higher! YEAH!

Now for the fit part of this - it ranks your age - I think the Wii Fit is definately a Girl because the first day I got on it ranked me as 59 years OLD I AM NOT 59 - NO I will not tell you how old I AM, but I'm not 59. The next day like magic I was 34 - that made me happier. I think she's moody! It also weighs you and lets you know just how overweight you really are - all with a cute none threatening graphic.

The Wii Fit actually talks to you, monitors your improvement and tells you in the morning when you put it on to go have some breakfast and come back! It also tells you to take a break now when you play too long!

Tomorrow I weigh in again at Weight Watchers maybe the activity points I got jogging in place and feeling like I was going to DIE after 2 minutes will help!

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kimberdee said...

This is the brilliant idea of some skinny little Japanese man! You are the second friend to receive this wonderful Wii bundle of joy! She loves it too. Our XBOX 360's would rebel and get the "red ring of death" instantly if we brought a Wii into our house. Maybe I can sneak one in the back door and nobody will notice?!?!?!