Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend Update

Believe it or not I didn't take a single photo this weekend!

Friday night Marilyn and I went to watch one of our Youth Leaders in his last band performance. He is a Senior this year and is the Drum Major. Naturally when I attend sporting events it's rainy and cold. This one was no exception! The company was well worth it and watching him do his thing was also enjoyable! Afterward we stopped by his house checked out his Senior Pics and enjoyed his family and friends company. He has some awesome pics and if I had a scanner I'd scan some in for you.

John and Stephanie went to a Father-daughter Hayride and left the camera home also - due to the rain!

Saturday John and Stephanie headed out to another student's Girls Sectional Soccer game - when the kids call and invite you or in this case tell you Pastor John you just have to come to this game!!! It's really hard to resist - especially for my husband he loves sports. Naturally I didn't go and it was sunny I won't say warm!

Sunday we went to church and that was full of surprises -- testimonies, our beloved worship leader will be moving and a Woman's Meeting!

Today I am sitting with my Grandmother Dotty! Tonight teaching the Middle School girls Club called "Friends".

I can only imagine what you all are doing! In fact, I"m hoping to visit your blog next! See ya soon!

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