Friday, October 10, 2008

Week in Review

Where does all the time go?

Saturday we spent most of the day passing out Krud Kutter to the flood Victims - even though in the bloggy blog world the flood posts seems along time ago these families are just beginning the clean up and rebuilding process - we saw homes with standing water in the basement, homes that were skeletons inside and piles and piles of peoples stuff on the streets. Every home had people working inside, outside and all around! Kudos to those who have been faithfully staffing the relief tents and providing meals and shoulders to lean on for so many families!

Sunday brought Chad Varga into our church to challenge us to reach more teens, with statistics like 1 out of every 4 middle school aged child admits to drinking regularly and 1.3 million teens make a suicide plan every day. Cheery huh!

Monday brought school, cleaning, and preparing for Friends Class - We had 9 Middle School Girls and I love them all!!!

night we went to Anna's last soccer game and stood in the rain and cheered her team on - it reminded me of old times and how I really don't like to stand in the cold rain!!! Anna is in our Youth Group at church and we've known her since she was little! It is so fun to watch them all grow up!

was my birthday! John took the day off work!! That's a biggie! What did we do??? Where did we go???

Trader Joes - I had never been there before and really wanted to go - it's about 30 minutes away and sells "health" food - if you can call it that! Some of it is good some of it is just organic junk food if you ask me....shhhhhh I had a great time though!

Then we went to the mall and I went into a very cool store called Williams-Sonoma. I had a very good time looking at all the things for "serious cooks"

I am NOT a serious cook! That store proved it. Most of the stuff I had no idea what to do with! I did however purchase two things. Mulling Spices to add to apple cider and Pecan Pumpkin Butter to make this wonderful dessert they were allowing us to sample! Turns out they cook everyday right in the store!

We finished my celebration with my favorite group of teens! The Switched Youth Group. They sang Happy Birthday and shared in my cake!

Thursday I weighed in at Weight Watchers - a Lifetimer struggling to get back to goal - I was happy even after the birthday I lost more than a pound! Now I HOPE I NEVER find that one again! After that Stephanie and I went to spend some time with Dotty.

Dotty is this amazing woman! She's my Dad's Mom and we all love her very much! I have always been encouraged and strengthened every time I sat with her at the kitchen table and now we are honored to be able to spend time with her and care for her as she prepares for the next great adventure of her life - meeting the King of Kings our Heavenly Father! The Hospice nurse marveled at how well she's doing and is amazed she's still here - they gave her 1-2 weeks back in August. Even yesterday she told me "Char, I really want to get better!" I do believe she does!

And here we are at Friday already and I wonder where did this week go? There are so many wonderful things to do with our lives now and it seems never a spare moment. I count myself blessed that God has so graciously given me so many opportunities to serve, to love others, and to be challenged.

Where am I going from here?
To get a haircut, lunch with Marilyn, to cheer on my son's first band concert! Twilight the Knight! And on Saturday "A Sampling of menu items" for my older son's wedding!! YUM


Marilyn R said...

Sing this to the tune of "Happy Birthday". Ready? Happy Birthday to you, I can't wait to see you, to celebrate your birthday, oh happy birthday to you! I have never claimed to be a song writer, but though it might make you smile.

Emily said...

What a full, but fun week. i love Trader joes, but you're so junk food to be sure!

and happy belated b-day. (and many moooore!)

There needs to be more Dotties in the world.

mom said...

Hey, October birthdays ROCK! Looks like you enjoyed your birthday celebration and certainly have been busy every other day as well!

Here's to that one pound...may it never to return!

Tammy ~@~