Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tortilla Soup Starter

There's a sucker born everyday - and there I was, desperate - in the store and there was the soup starter --- I like tortilla soup - so does my family. Never made it at home though.

There's a few interesting things about this soup starter kit - the directions are on the bottom. I find that humorous - maybe you don't. Anyway The directions seem simple - put in a crock pot. Viola, magic words in the cart it goes.

Today is a perfect day for it, cloudy, cool, rainy - lazy and busy all in the same day.

So I turn it over and it says - add meat - nah I don't think so and then it says ---add seasonings of your choice....WHAT? No hints, no ideas just seasonings of my choice? Like Cinnamon? rosemary? Basil? Okay I add garlic-my favorite, cumin, cayenne pepper and chili pepper - in small amounts oh and I threw in a bay leaf for good measure. 32 oz or my choice - water, beef broth or chicken broth. Chicken broth is what's in the pantry so that's what goes in.

I think dinner is going to be good tonight!


Carol Beth said...

I can't wait to hear. I have a Tortilla soup recipe, by the way. Cumin, did you add Cumin?

Marilyn R said...

I was able to taste the broth while it was simmering away and she spiced it just right! It tasted like the Tortilla soup in resturants! Good job Char!