Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Night of Tasting!

Saturday night we went with our son, his fiancee and her parents for a wonderful night of tasting! More like FEASTING! We sampled main dish after main dish all AFTER three different appetizers, and the most wonderful bread and butter. Then it was off for a peak at the hall with an actual wedding going on! Then back for a taste of cake.

WOW! I can't believe my son is getting married!!

Isn't he cute????

Sorry he's already taken - but I do have another son!

Seriously, I was a child bride - ask my Mom!


kimberdee said...

I bet that was fun! So are you going to tell us the final menu selection?

Marilyn R said...

I agree with kimberdee - what is the menu going to be?

O'Ma said...

Yep, she was a child bride.

Char's Mom

O'Ma said...

Yep, she was a child bride...right outta' grade school.

Char's Mom