Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Kitchen Table

I've had my kitchen table for 18 years. I fell in love with it the summer we were moving into this house. I was out shopping for bunk beds for the boys with my MIL and right next to the bunk beds was this table. If it wasn't for my MIL I wouldn't have this table. See we spent 6-weeks living with her inbetween houses - ours had sold and we hadn't found another one yet. We were about to finally move in and I know she was anxious to get us out! In a loving sorta way.

She was also wise enough to know that the butcher block looking table with the chrome legs and roll chairs just wasn't gonna make it in the dining room. I really hadn't thought that far ahead.

The table is ceramic. 2 boys and a ceramic table. hmmm There is one crack on it from when the Cub Scouts did leather making and one boy forgot to move to the floor before hitting the engraving tool with the mallet.

My Mom didn't think that made much sense. I could see her point. But the deed was done.

Many years later my Mom and I were sitting at the table and she said - "Gee I'm surprised at how well this table has held up."

"Well Mom, we have been eating on what most people walk on!"

We laughed a good laugh!

When we began homeschooling I discovered that we could use dry erase markers and write on it! I was going GREEN before most! We still do school on the table - mainly spelling - why waste the paper.

Last night it was our turn to host the Staff Monthly Dinner. I really like getting together with the Staff of our church. I should have taken our picture. I thought about it, but didn't do it. I regret it now!

I put the table cloth on. There's POWER in the table cloth. I don't know why. For some reason Autumn and Winter just deserve a table cloth. Maybe it's because my ceramic table is white. Maybe I'm just weird.


mom said...

I love your table, Charlene, AND it's practical use for homeschooling...hee hee! I have always kept a tablecloth on mine. Perhaps I should go without sometime and shock my family! LOL!

Tammy ~@~

kimberdee said...

I may have to go out and buy a new table that has a ceramic top just so I can use my dry erase markers on it! I think I may own that same table cloth. Kindred Spirits with the same great taste.

Ann's World said...

I'm a placemat mama myself but I do have to say I like your tablecloth.....I always hate to cover my pretty oaky table...but might as well everything else is piled high on it what would it matter...hehehehe