Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fly Lady's Morning Routine

I've been a Fly Baby for about 5 years now. I am by nature a list maker. I even think in lists - so this works perfect for me! Every morning I basically do these things - well EXCEPT ONE - I wonder if you can guess - anyway no matter what time I wake up and get moving this is what you'll find me doing - some days it'll be over the span of 2 hours, others in about 45 minutes depending on what time I wake up and what time I have to get out of the house.

I'm wondering can you guess which one I don't do?????

1. Get up and weigh
2. Shower, get dressed to lace up shoes,fix your hair and face
3. While you are in the bathroom Swish and Swipe
4. Grab a load of laundry and start the washer
5. Check your calendar for today's activities
6. Empty dishwasher to start your day
7. Eat something good for you, take your medicine and vitamins
8. What's For Dinner
9. Drink your water.
10. Put some Loving Movement into your day

There should be eleven things -

11. Devotions

Okay now can you guess which one I don't do?


shhhhh....even though she calls it Loving Movement I just can't seem to get it into everyday and still have my morning start at a decent hour. I have spent the better part of my adult life trying to be a morning person and I do get up naturally between 6:30 and 7:30 every morning, HOWEVER that is still not early enough to get what I want to do done and school beginning by 8:30 - 9.

Any other Fly Lady's out there?????


kimberdee said...

Ok, So if I am being honest I would do #4 on the list....
I feel blessed that I get up but I do not weigh! Yuck! I shower at midnight if I am lucky and the teenager hasn't used all the hot water. I swish and swipe only when absolutely necessary. I usually forget something that is on my calendar and I have my own time...Kim Time. Which means I am late to everything. I FORCE the kids to unload the dishwasher. Things that are good for you taste nasty! Just Kidding! I always forget about dinner until dinner. I love sweet tea and it is mainly water, does that count? I just did some loving movement to "Welcome to the Jungle" done in an old fashioned big band style. I think I could learn to love rock if it is done that way. And yes devotions are important!I need to do more of those.

Marilyn R said...

I usually make lists when I feel stressed out. A list everyday? Not for me!

Carol Beth said...

So, the day you posted this was the day we got a stomach virus and the city turned the water off for the day. Does plunging count as loving movement?

~Bren~ said...

I tried to have a "Physical Education" time with the kids....We did jumping jacks, sit ups, I let them use little 1 pound weights...It needs to be a priority or it will not get done....Also, you could start by just doing it a couple of days durning the week and on Saturday. Nature hikes are good for "loving movement" too. You really HAVE to empty the dishwasher, but exercise is not going to be something you see if it is not done. Catch 22!!

ConservaChick said...

I've started fly lady so many times.. it hurts. Never seem to make it passed the shoe part. ~K