Friday, October 3, 2008

Decorating for Autumn

What is this you say?

It's the pile of Autumn decorations I brought up from the drawer I have in the basement full of autumn goodies!

With a quick slight of hand we went from this............

To this..............

I added the autumn screen and dusted up the shelf

The front door has a cheery greeting now!

The curio cabinet even got a touch of autumn

The Piano and Mantle were even "dressed" for Autumn

Now this little clear pumpkin used to house my favorite October treat! Dry roasted peanuts mixed with candy corn. I finally had to start filling it in with this attracted and low calorie potpourri mix - it keeps my hands out of it and the fat off my thighs. Well in theory I suppose I could run to the store and buy some, I noticed they have it packaged that way now - back in the olden days I had to mix it myself!


Wilma L. said...

Hi Char! I was going to check Mar's blog.....and decided to check yours out......which I haven't done for awhile. Your decorations are beautiful! I love Autumn! Happy Autumn days to you!!

Marilyn R said...

Your decorations look so pretty! That's a nice low cal snack you have going there!