Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What Can you do?

This morning when we arrived to help out a woman looked at Stephanie and I and said "What can you do?" At the moment they were trying to decide when and where and how to go about unloading the Convoy of Hope semitruck that had just arrived from Missouri. So for the moment it appeared we could do nothing. Eventually there were quite a few of us standing around doing nothing.

I took a few photos - hey that's what people who bring cameras along do to pass the time!

Following the Convoy of Hope truck through the town brought tears to my eyes - hey I'm like that too.

Eventually we arrived at the right place and at the right time!

We can unload a Convoy of Hope truck that's what we can do!

For flood photos click here

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Carol Beth said...

We prayed for perspective for all of us awhile back....okay, well, I did. You seem to be the recipient of much of that prayer. And, as usual, you are handling all with grace. What a crazy year - and what a way to start the final season of 2008!