Monday, September 22, 2008

Tropical Storms and Hurricane IKE in the Midwest

I'm told that the damage our area sustained was due to a Tropical storm named Lowell, and then Hurricane Ike riding Up North together. Whatever it was we received 10 inches of rain in two days which puts us at 13 inches of surplus precipitation for the year. Roads were closed - major ones, and now I hear that this bridge - our main link to the expressway and church will be closed until December. I also heard this morning that there is a HUGE sink hole on another of our main roads. This is nothing compared to the damage of homes - many had 6 feet or more in their basements and are now deemed uninhabitable.

This is my Mom standing in front of a barrier of sand and cement blocks meant to keep the water from flooding our area - she asked is blog worthy? She was here along with my Dad for another serious reason - maybe I'll post on that another day. Maybe

With the expressway closed there was an eerie kinda quiet around here - except for the helicopters constantly filming and surveying.

Having the inquiring mind I do - I had to check out one of the pump stations along my regular walk. The Little Calumet was 3 feet above flood stage and they were still pumping into it. I've never seen the water this high.

I climbed over the sand and stood on the bridge last week to get a better look myself - risking being ticketed - I was told. I got this beautiful photo.


Marilyn R said...

The road won't be open until December????? Oh No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That does not make me a happy camper!

kimberdee said...

You have had some very bad weather up your way this past year. I am very sorry to hear that you will now have to take the long way to church....not good with gas costing a small fortune. I can see you and Marilyn being nosy and climbing that sand pile at least once a week until they get it fixed! LOL

Emily said...

Beauty in the midst of chaos, huh?

O'Ma said...


It is still hard to believe how disabled the area was because of this flood.
The 30+ years in the "Region" I never saw flooding like that all over.
On the lighter side...I have asked Charlene not to take pics of me knees-when I am wearing shorts...I believe my knees are UGLY. Looking at this comes through even on the jeans...OH MY - Extra Chunky Knees... Close ups are no good also...Dang!
Hope things are better there now.

God Bless Everyone!