Saturday, September 20, 2008


There have been so many different things going on in my life this year that it's helped me to put things into better perspective - at least I hope it's a better perspective. We've had three one hundred year floods this year, a tornado, multiple power outages, unexpected surgeries and illnesses. My personal time has been seriously compromised. It seems I no longer have time for scrap booking, and blogging has been more of a chore than the enjoyment it had started out as. Unfortunately I have less time to take care of the physical me too - and it shows in my weight! Somethings you just can't hide!

Looking back over this year so far - I wish I would have blogged more about what was going on - these are after all our diaries in a sense. I have always thought of them kinda like the sketchbooks of generations gone by - except we don't sketch as much anymore, we photograph or video tape.

Right now I'm trying to figure how to get back into a good school routine. We've had quite a few months off and my youngest and only one left to home school will be starting 9th grade! 9th Grade! Where did all the time go? I am still wanting to do grade school subjects, and nature walks! Instead we have a year filled with Algebra, Physical Science, Government and Elections. Yes, these too will be interesting and maybe dare I say kinda fun - but somehow they don't feel as carefree as grade school. How will I squeak school back into an already packed schedule? I just don't know - one class at a time I suppose. I'm glad that I know our family was called to home school, that I can still remember the moment I realized this is indeed what I was to do and that helps in times like these - it helps me to know that God is in control and He will make a way. He will work all things out for HIS GLORY and I am good with that! I hope that no matter what is going on in your life you are too!

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Marilyn R said...

It was soooo nice to see you back in the blog world! Yeah!