Sunday, September 21, 2008


Meatloaf - it's an odd thing. Depending on the shape depends on whether we like it or not. Over the years I've found that mushing together 2 pounds of raw meat with a variety of eggs, breadcrumbs and seasonings and molding it into a loaf of sorts didn't quite work for my family.


If I took the same recipe and put it into the cupcake pan they thought they had gone to heaven!

Rolled up into mini meatballs and I am the queen of meat!

Flattened into a patty and it's your average hamburger.

Preposterous I know!


Emily said...

My son has asked me to make meatloaf for months now...I always eat too much when I make it, but in a muffin tin, you can really make it fit a diet!

clever girl.

Carol Beth said...

I am so so so happy to have your blog back. MORE! MORE! MORE! when I saw a picture of meatloaf in a pan it just made me feel all warm on the inside....

Amy said...

Too funny. We made "actual" meatloaf cupcakes before. It was April Fool's Day and I found the recipe in Family Fun Magazine. You take rolled up balls of meat (I made mine the same way I make meatloaf) and put it into paper cupcake cups. Then, take mashed potatoes and make them with NO LUMPS OR SKIN. Then separate them out and mix blue, red, yellow and green food coloring into them. Use your pastry bag to top the "cupcakes" and there ya go...meatloaf cupcakes. I told the kiddos that we were having cupcakes for dinner. My very picky Daniel who didn't eat meatloaf or mashed potatoes at that time at THREE and wanted more! Silly kids!

kimberdee said...

My family loves meatloaf of any shape or size. Every once in a while you will hear them ask if we are having mini meatloaves? I loved that you blogged about it! I liked Amy's fun cupcake idea but I am not sure I want to go to all that it even possible to make mashed potatoes with no lumps? LOL

Marilyn R said...

Dear Hubby doesn't like meat loaf either, but he will eat meat balls. They have the same ingredients...if you can't beat them, join them!