Saturday, September 27, 2008

An A-B-C Birthday

Today my beautiful daughter turned 15 and we decided to celebrate with an A-B-C Birthday. For weeks I had been asking her what she wanted for her birthday and all she would say was - I just spent 2 weeks at Walt Disney World I can't think of anything I want! She's thoughtful like that.

So this morning when we were ready to leave she opened her card - There were 3 slips of paper with an A, B and C on them. The gift bag we gave her was empty though nicely stuffed with tissue!

A or B we promptly asked and off we went for Breakfast - B was Dunkin' Donuts!

From there we were off to buy a new top - A was for dELiA*s!

A new top needs new earrings she picked A and off to Claire's we went!

Next stop a new pair of shoes - her pick? B After much looking she forfeited the shoes instead of buying something she didn't really want! She's practical like that!

A girl can't just look nice on the outside - she's got to be smart too! So she chooses B and off we go - to Barnes and Noble to pick out some books! Nancy Drew!

By now we are ready for a snack! Choice C brought us to Maggie Moos - the BEST cake batter ice cream I've ever tasted!

While we were sitting there I realized I had two things in my purse for her A or B A quick choice of A and out pops one of her favorite movies! National Treasure!

Time to get back in the car and head for something else SWEET! She choose Gummy worms - ruling out Chocolate!

It was time for her to SHINE so A she picks and off we go for some new Lip Gloss!

Next stop - A for Circuit City - to pick out the headphones we ended up with C for Target because they were cheaper at Target and she new that! She's thrifty-even with others money!

Dinner Time! The Lucky letter B! Off to Burger King - one of her all time Fav's that we just don't go to anymore!

Here I also gave her the last little thing I had been carrying around in my purse! Happy Birthday my sweetheart!


kimberdee said...

sniffle, sniffle, sniffle.....
So sweet and so perfect!
Happy Birthday Steph!!!
Love, Auntie Kim, Uncle John, Cousin Cole and Cousin Garrett.

p.s. Steph is the way she is because she has two awesome parents as role models.

O'Ma said...

That was cute...sorta reminds of the ABC's of cooking...tee hee.

Did you get the
million $$ ?

Love ya'

mom said...

What a neat idea, Charlene! I hope I can remember it! LOL!

Tammy ~@~

Carol Beth said...

Happy Birthday to Stephanie! ummmm...are you sure I can't have her? A is stay with C B forever! Pick A! Pick A!