Monday, June 16, 2008

Tell Me When

With all of the bad things I know about "pop" "soda" "cola" "coke" or whatever YOU call it in your town why must I still drink it?

Last week I had a headache if I didn't drink a glass. Then I'd have a headache if I drank too much of it. Maybe I was just gonna have headache last week! I fasted it for 40 days earlier this year but never stopped craving it. Part of the reason is I do not like to drink tea or coffee, Crystal light gives me sore throats and water can be boring.


Tell me WHEN will I stop drinking POP?

What do YOU drink when you are having popcorn at the show, spicy tacos, or pizza? I need a substitute!!!!!


kimberdee said...

Is it legal to eat Mexican food and not drink Coke?

Emily said...

I think I started reading your blog about when your diet coke fast was going on. Can you believe that I kept reading? CRAZY WOMAN.

I know it's bad, but so is air.

and water.
and veggies if you cook 'em wrong.

I'm no help...sorry. You can try seltzer water? Mandarin orange is okay.