Monday, June 9, 2008

Random Stuff I meant to tell YOU

I've been thinking about all of you and there has been so many things I wanted to tell you. So I decided to just do it! I mean some of this stuff is OLD but hey, it's my BLOG and I can BLOG What I want to! eh hem, if you can hear the tune behind that - well then we are probably kindred spirits in some musical way. Don't misunderstand me I am NOT musical...I just think it would be nice if more of life was like a musical.....maybe I'll save that

My Christmas Cactus bloomed at Easter Time - I think it must have Easter Lilly Envy or something. I took this photo just for YOU!

This was going to be part of Shipshewana Part Two, which if you are still checking back daily for it - then you have the gift of perserverance!!

I really don't think they are concerned with the price of gas, or being overweight. They probably didn't try on 4 different tops this morning like I did trying to pick the most appropriate top I have for a funeral I am attending today. I decided that I am a cheery person when it comes to tops - pink and bright green - that about sums it up!


You can purchase this at WALMART! 2 for $5.00 and that was a few weeks back, with the Roll Back it's probably go ahead, give it a try! Live like the RICH!

Here's our latest Graduate posing with his Grandma! See really this isn't such a bad idea - instead of photos and photos of family, food, and friends you just get the highlights!!!


Emily said...

Yeah, you posted! Your new post popped up on Bloglines.

the Fiji water had me confused. I CAN'T pay that you really? ouch. toss some chocolate in there and then...maybe. :)

mom said...

Thanks for stopping by! When I saw your name this morning, I knew I had to stop by and am delighted to see that you are posting again :-) How's your son doing?

Tammy ~@~